19th Hobie 16 Worlds announced
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19th Hobie 16 Worlds announced



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David Brookes, Friday, 19 February 2010

Entries already recieved in under 30 minutes of releasing the entry page.

19th HOBIE CAT 16

15th August-30th August 2010

Entries are now being taken for the 19th Hobie Cat 16 World Championships in Weihai, China.

Spectacular Grand Opening Ceremony
16th August 9:00–11:00 all sailors welcome
On Site Registration
The Registration Office will be open as follows: 
Masters and Grand Masters
15th August 14:00-20:00
Women’s and Youth
19th August 09:00-16:00
Open: Qualifier
22nd August 09:00-16:00
Teams seeded for Semi-Finals
25th August 09:00-16:00

Schedule of 2010 Championship Races
16th- August Masters, Grand Masters racing
17th August Masters, Grand Masters racing
18th August Masters, Grand Masters racing
19th August Masters, Grand Masters finals

20th August Women's and Youth racing
21st August Women's and Youth racing
22nd August Women's and Youth racing

23rd August Open Qualifier
24th August Open Qualifier
25th August Open Qualifier

26th August Semi-Finals, 112 teams
27th August Semi-Finals
28thAugust Semi-Finals

29th August Finals, 56 teams
30th August Finals

A full web site with accommodation and full details will be released soon

Within 30 minutes of pushing the button to release the newsetter (it takes nearly two hours for our server to send all the newsletters) the first entry was revieved. Most sailors would not yet have even got the notice (I know my newsletter arrived after the entry was recieved). Already this worlds looks like being a very special worlds. So don't dely in enterying.

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