Hobie 16 Worlds Survey
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Hobie 16 Worlds Survey



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 Dear Hobie sailors, 

To help support future Hobie Worlds bids, we are complying key information. The IHCA needs to demonstrate the potential to generate substantial economic benefit to the state; region or country. Our goal is primarily channelled towards securing events for the Hobie Class and to increase the event profile and attract more interstate/ overseas visitors to these Hobie Worlds. 

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
What Country are you from?

Q1 When the next Hobie 16 worlds are announced, will you be attending?

Additional Comments

Q2 Will this be your first Hobie 16 Worlds?

Q3 If not your first Hobie 16 Worlds, how many Hobie 16 Worlds have you attended?

Additional Comments  

Q4 If attending, will you travel as skipper or crew or family or team members?

Q5 If with attending with others, how many other members (other than the team that will be sailing)

Additional Comments

Q6 If attending, subject to location of the next worlds, will you stay on as part of a holiday or vacation during the event?

Q7 If staying on either before or after the worlds, how many days will you add to the trip?

Additional Comments

Q8 During the worlds, what is your average spend per day (meals, transport, accommodation) in USD

Q9 Your age

Q10 Country of residence

Q11 Gender

Q12 Are you a member of the Hobie Class

Q13 Which Discipline will you race in? (can select more than one)

Q14 IHCA Region

Q15 What sort of accommodation will be staying in?