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IHCA News April

Dear Hobie Sailor,


The big news is we have a new Hobie World Champion. We honour Enrique Figueroa and Jorge Hernandez from Puerto Rico as the new Hobie Tiger World Championshipís. In second place was the defending world championís son and father team Taylor and Mitch Booth. Third place Vaireaux Moana andPetit Romain  from France.


Enrique Figueroa is no stranger winning Hobie Championships as Enrique won his first Hobie Worlds in 1981 at Fortaleza, Brazil. He has gone on from there to win more Hobie Worlds, North American Championships and represent  Puerto Rico in sailing at the Olympics. Enrique Figueroa and Jorge Hernandez showed their class by winning 3 out of the last races.


The defending Hobie Tiger World Championships finished second. The father and son team that won in Singapore decided to swap roles with 17 year old Taylor skippering with his father Mitch crewing at these worlds. What a great effort for a 17 year sailor and I am confidant we will be seeing Taylor at lot more on the podium at worlds.


The web site has all the news, photos, videos and results. So donít forget to have a look and see what a great event it was. While it always impossible to thank everyone 2 people really shone out and the IHCA sincerely thanks our host Steve Leo and Event Coordinator IHCA Vice President Lori Mohney. We also thank the hundreds of volunteers that gave up there time to make these worlds such a success.


When one worlds finishes another needs to be planed for and we are happy to announce the 5th Hobie Tiger and 2nd Hobie Dragoon World Championships in Cangas, Spain, 24th - 28th July 2006. We shall have the full web site and Notice of Race out very soon. So please put this one in your calendar as this is not a worlds to miss.


The worlds in South Africa is getting a very healthy entry list and it recommended that you do enter and pay soon as the Hobie 16 is a supplied boat championships. When all the boats have a paid skipper we shall be closing entries. Remember to book your travel with Tel: +27 21 426 5775 email: travel@hobieworlds.com as they have some great deals for Hobie sailors.


Photo courtesy of Sharon Green

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